2016 Election Results

2016 Election Results

 407 members signed in as voters at the Annual Meeting. The election results are as follows:

BJ Oneal                 — 327 votes (3-year term)
Cynthia Esselman  — 244 votes (3-year term)
Harley O’Neil          — 224 votes (2-year term)
Easton Craft           — 211 votes (1 year term)

Maggie Taber was ratified to represent the Activities Committee.

2016 Budget:  Yes 211; No 163 (passed)
2016 Dues:     Yes 146; No 184 (passed)*

*The dues ballot measure restates Paragraph 4.A of the Mandatory Dues Amendment filed in 2001:

Proposed dues for 2016 do not exceed 110% of the dues for 2015. They will be ratified unless disapproved by 270 (a majority of the total number of Tracts in Innis Arden) members voting in person or by proxy.”

The preliminary Annual Meeting Minutes state
“A motion carried to reduce dues from $822.00, if approved by the voting members, to $748.00 ($74.00 reduction).”

Board Positions will be determined Wednesday, January 27th, when all Board members have the opportunity to convene.